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Manuscript Critique

The Editor will read your manuscript and provide an overall assessment of the book. Strengths and weaknesses will be noted and suggestions given for improvement. A critique does not provide revisions or grammatical, spelling, punctuation corrections, or suggestions for revisions.

Estimated Time for Completion: 1-2 weeks


Line Editing

Each sentence of your manuscript is evaluated with a focus on paragraph and sentence structure, word use, dialogue flow, and transitions. Sentences are proofread and corrected for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Revision suggestions are made to ensure your sentences flow smoothly from paragraph to paragraph. If there is an overall storyline issue, the Editor will bring it to the Author's attention. However, a thorough evaluation of the manuscript is performed in Developmental (Content) Editing.

Estimated Time for Completion:  4 - 6 weeks



Developmental (Content) Editing

Your entire manuscript (from title to end) is evaluated with a focus on structure, style, and content. Issues with plot, tone, point of view (POV), pacing, dialogue, clarity, or descriptions/sensory detail will be noted. The Editor will make suggestions to revise and enhance the manuscript without changing the Author's voice and style. Suggestions will also be made to ensure characters are developed and to improve the overall storyline to enhance appeal to the Author's target audience. Our developmental editing service does not include line editing, however the services can be purchased as a package.

Estimated Time for Completion:  6 - 8 weeks


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