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Do you have “a book inside” of you?  A story to tell?  Or dream of one day seeing your words in print and a book cover bearing your name?  If so, it’s time to set the writer within you, free!  With the independent publishing industry’s evolution over the years, here’s your opportunity.  According to Bowker (, independently published books accounted for over 140,000 print books and 87,000 ebooks produced in 2011.  Since 2006, the number of independent books produced in the U.S. has grown more than 100% annually.  


No longer are authors independently publishing their work because it’s perceived as ‘not good enough’.  They want control over their work from start to finish and with no restriction on creativity.


In addition, here are just five other reasons to independently publish your work:


  1. Avoid the rejection of your manuscript from traditional publishing firms.
  2. Retain exclusive rights to your work.  With the big firms, your work becomes their investment and property.
  3. Have your book published faster than with a traditional publisher.
  4. Leave a legacy to your family to be shared with generations. You can keep your book in print for as long as you desire.
  5. Receive more profits more from the sales of your book.  



It’s Your Destiny...